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How can I become a Squiggle Distributor?

Squiggle is a Registered Trademark of Martello UK.  To purchase and sell Squiggle, please register your company details at  You can also contact customer service at or call 01728 605090 to discuss your requirements.

How did Squiggle come about?

Martello UK have a track record of creating and importing our own value brands for fast-moving products.  Squiggle was quickly born when we introduced a collection of fast-selling colouring books back in 2004, and we've never looked back!  Discover all the Martello brands here.

I'm an end user. Where can I buy Squiggle?

Contact today and we will mail you a list of some of our amazing Squiggle distributors.

Do you have a different query?

We're happy to help - simply send a message to, or give us a call on 01728 605090.

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